We are a small brand of sustainable pet accessories located on the Atlantic coast in Galicia, Spain.

We were born from the need to solve two problems:

The first is to reduce the waste produced by neoprenes .

Living in an area privileged by its good waves, we realized the great consumption of neoprene suits and how the number of followers of surfing and other sports that involve the use of these suits is increasing .

We verify that millions of wetsuits are thrown into the trash every year, many of them in perfect condition for upcycling.

And here our mission was born. Make new products with these suits without having to subject them to another industrial process for recycling.

Neoprene is a material with fantastic properties for use in pet accessories, as it is ergonomic, waterproof and resistant.

By adding neoprene as the inner lining of the collars we avoid chafing, this means an increase in the well-being of our furry dogs. We also add it to the leashes so that both we and our pets can enjoy the walk together.

The second problem we want to solve is to offer a product with similar values ​​to our community.

Our products are designed with the aim of offering the greatest well-being and safety, both to our pets and to us.

All our products are handmade with the best quality materials , with great care and paying special attention to details, since when reusing neoprenes we go through a study and classification process that makes each accessory unique; Depending on the neoprene we use, each accessory will have a different color, seams or thickness.

We firmly believe in quality products and improving our environment through circularity as a tool to make a more sustainable, waste-free and more conscious world.

We work on demand, what is known as made to order . It is the best way to reduce waste, since by not having stock we will never throw away products that have not been sold.

That's why everything we do is done thinking that they have many years of life and thus generate less waste.

Buying quality products and extending their life is the most sustainable form of consumption that exists.